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‘Annabelle Comes Home’ A Night to Never Forget

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Worth The Time?

This film had me on my toes the whole time! With so many jump scares and edging suspense, it was no wonder this movie was rated “R.” I would highly recommend this movie to any horror fans out there.

Where It All Began

It starts out with these two nurses and they were dealing with a supernatural entity that was attached to a doll named Annabelle. After confessing to Lorraine (Vera Farminga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson). It was no wonder that these spirit investigators had to help the girls. So they took the doll and were on there way back home, until their car just so happens to stop by a graveyard at night. While Ed was checking the hood, Lorraine who has psychic abilities was seeing a mass of spirits drawn to the Annabelle doll. That’s when she knew that this doll was a gateway for all spirits to go through in the physical realm.

She Has Been Contained…For Now…

After getting the priest over for their usual blessings, they noticed that the doll had a stronger entity attached to it. So they had to go the extra lengths so that the evil of the doll doesn’t get out again, and they locked her inside a glass case.

A day later, Ed and Lorraine traveled out of town and had a babysitter come over to watch their daughter Judy (McKenna Grace). Long story short, the babysitter brought over a friend and the friend wanted to contact her deceased father and went into the forbidden room of haunted objects and touched everything…including Annabelle.

So It Begins

Judy went to bed and the babysitter’s friend went home, and that’s when little unexplained things started to happen in the house. However, the friend forgot to put back the keys to the room and snuck in to put them back. After going back into the room, she tried to go for another spin at contacting her father and was locked in the room. Where she remained in literal hell for most of the night. Soon Judy was woken up by the Annabelle doll and all three girls where terrified for their own lives, because the friend unleashed all evil spirits into the house.

Not All Spirits Are Bad

As these girls were going through an array of all these spirits terrifying obstacles. Judy found a good spirit and trusted to follow the spirit’s way. After leading Judy to finding Annabelle. Her and the babysitter still had a few more bumps to go through before retrieving the doll. An exorcism, a wear wolf and screams later, the girls finally got the doll and ran back to the room to lock Annabelle up. ‘Spoilers’ they made it just before the parents came back.

Final Thoughts

This movie was highly thought out and very detailed. There were so many other scary characters shown in this film that I feel that they will be getting their own spotlight in the near future. Definitely worth the watch.


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