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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: The Netflix Movie None Of Us Can Afford To Miss!

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Well, whoever came up with the phrase Netflix and Chill surely meant it word by word. Ever since Netflix has walked into our lives, especially with its original series and movies, it has found a special and an irreplaceable place in our lives. Agree?

If you don’t, here’s proof. Amongst the very firsts of Netflix Originals that caught everyone’s attention was the romantic flick ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. While the movie may be centered around a school girl with no friends but some serious issues, it speaks our hearts out to the fullest!

Lara Jean, the female protagonist in the movie leads a simple and secret life until her 5 secret letters that she wrote to her childhood crushes are mailed by her little notorious sister. And then her world turns upside down!

Lara Jean and her list of crushes

Why you should watch it? Well, the movie has Noah Centineo doing what he does best. Need more reasons? I’ve plenty. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or not, this flick has an unbeatable charm that would surely keep you engrossed for the complete hour and thirty nine minutes. Every actor in the movie will leave you stunned and later totally in awe. Not to forget, it’ll kick in some nostalgia too by reminding you of all your wow moments from school.

So, just in case you overlooked this movie on Netflix, it’s time you seriously give it a second thought. This movie deserves all your attention and I bet, you won’t regret it. Unlike most, it has a terrific ending too! Also, in case you’ve already watched it over and over again, drop in a comment telling me what you loved the most about it? I’d love to chit chat with you about the beauty of this movie and the romance it tries to ignite in our lives.

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