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‘Mr. Iglesias’ Tackles Controversial Topics With Humor

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Fluffy, a high school history teacher?

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is the star of Netflix’s new TV series, Mr. Iglesias. Set in Long Beach, California, the series portrays the daily life of a high school history teacher, his students, and other staff members of Woodrow Wilson High School. Multiple controversial topics are referenced throughout the 10 episode series. They include immigration, racism, sexism, and of course, the current American President, Donald Trump. Besides these, Mr. Iglesias‘s storyline takes the viewer through the issues that the staff and students of Woodrow Wilson High deal with on a daily basis.

Class is in!

Gabe (Gabriel Iglesias) is a high school history teacher who places the well-being of his students before all else. His class are “misfits” that he has taken under his wing to nurture personally and academically. He protects them from Carlos (Oscar Nuñez), the Vice-Principal, who seeks to expel the students because of their problems with truancy and low grades. Principal Paula (Sherri Shepherd) is on Gabe’s side most of the time, while complaining about her love life on a daily basis. She also provides numerous sexual innuendoes that can be a bit inappropriate. Other staff members include Gabe’s best friend, Tony (Jacob Vargas), fellow history teacher, Abby (Maggie Geha), veteran teacher, Ray (Richard Gant), and coach Dixon (Christopher McDonald). The students include the honor’s student, Marisol (Cree Cichino), her creepy crush, Mikey (Fabrizio Zacharee Guido), the tech nerd, Grace (Gloria Aung), the paranoid student, Lorenzo (Coy Stewart), the slacker, Walt (Tucker Albrizzi), and the football star, Rakeem, (Bentley Green). Altogether, these characters create multiple situations that require struggle to overcome, while interjecting comedic moments.

A satisfying sitcom…for most.

Although, I enjoyed Fluffy’s new show on Netflix, I’m not sure those with a more right leaning political view might. There are references to controversial issues such as the border wall, with clear left-leaning stances. This may make conservatives a bit uncomfortable. If you can get pass this, then Mr. Iglesias is a comedy with serious messages that anyone over 14 years old (It has a TV14 rating) can enjoy!

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