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Is Alicia Florrick ‘The Good Wife’ For Real?

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Ever since I started watching The Good Wife on Netflix, I had a feeling that I strongly missed SUITS. But soon after, I realized that the two shows are quite different, given the fact that The Good Wife is more than just about law and cases.

The characters’ acting is really good, the storyline is engrossing, and the plot keeps you on hook at all times. However, there’s this one thing that I still have not been able to get my head around. The name of the show! Is it ironic or is it a statement justifying the female protagonist and her ordeals?

The show starts on a sad note where Peter Florrick is headed to prison for mishandling certain cases as a State’s Attorney and is criticized enough for sleeping with countless women. The good wife, Alicia Florrick is shown standing right next to him in that moment and from then to the time he walks out free, becomes the State’s Attorney again, and later the Governor. She’s always by his side, with choice and without.

Alicia Florrick holding husband’s and boss’ hand

Now, as much as she criticizes her own husband for being a philanderer and not loyal to her and their family at all, she’s no saint herself. From having a long term fling with her boss Will Gardner to getting involved with her campaign manager, she lets herself get driven by her own desires. But what’s worse is that she never admits to being a close version of her husband herself. Moreover, she lies to her kids continuously. Now, I’m not taking sides. Both of them are disloyal, mean, and too practical. Not to forget, bad parents to some extent too for letting their kids suffer the consequences of their professional conflicts.

But hey, I’m just saying! I’m on season 7 and the show seems to have made a little progress in terms of what I thought would be coming my way as a viewer irrespective of being addictive. Amidst all this, really hoping the show’s name is ironic. What are your thoughts? Watched The Good Wife yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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