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Go Vive A Tu Manera: I Found This New Spanish Show On Netflix So That You Could Speak The Language Like A Pro

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There are surely a zillion famous movies and series like Gran Hotel, Narcos, Cable Girls, and more, which you can binge watch in a week to get yourself acquainted with the fascinating beauty of Spanish. But believe me, if you are a beginner, it would take you way too long to understand the language through these popular shows wherein the actors talk at the speed of light.

I have been studying Spanish from an impeccable institute for more than a year and a half now, but it was only after watching Go Vive A Tu Manera, a Netflix original series that I finally gathered my wits to talk confidently in public.

Go Vive A Tu Manera – Review & How It Can Help You

Well, the show is centered around school kids whose lives revolve around dance, music, and love. While it may come across as a cliché musical to you at first glance, the second will help you identify the pros of binge watching the show. Featuring Latin Americans at their best, the show highlights the uber cool Spanish slangs, formal phrases, and a ton of other ways to express your feelings amongst a group of people.

school students dancing in Netflix original series
The actors are amazing, the music is muy bien, although the storyline is a bit predictable. But remember, if you watch it, you’re watching it to hone your Spanish speaking and listening skills. So, deja las expectativas!

As of now, the show is streaming its second season on Netflix and I couldn’t help but watch it for a little entertainment and treat my ears with the soothing sound of Spanish.

So, if you’re a beginner too and have been just glancing through books until now, I say, Go Vive A Tu Manera en Netflix por una semana o dos, and you won’t regret it at all! Puede agradecerme y Netflix también later!

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