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‘Child’s Play’ (2019): A Remake Worth Watching

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Not Another Remake…

This thrilling movie was definitely an add to all horror fans bucket lists. To be honest, my expectations were low as I saw it to be another “Chucky” movie. However, I was surprisingly impressed and would recommend anyone who had doubts about it to watch it. You will not be disappointed!

Chucky’s Rebirth

It starts out in a badly run down factory that is owned by the company “Kaslan.” Kaslan would be like our Apple company in the modern world today. As the workers were putting together the Buddi Dolls, one of the workers were dozing off. As a result, a supervisor noticed this and handled the situation firing him. But before the worker leaves he was demanded to finish the Buddi Doll and then leave the premises. This filled the worker with rage and he had access to the robotic doll’s hard drive and removed all censorship to the bot’s drive. Giving the Buddi doll’s a personality to absorb from good and bad acts.

No Good From This

The next scene starts out in a market where a concerning mother brought back a Buddi Doll A.K.A “Chucky,” was not impressed with his stutter and red eyes when they were suppose to be blue. After the mother got her money back from the sales worker which the worker then took the doll for an earlier birthday present for her son.

Later that night the son had opened his present and was not amused, but turned Chucky on to see what he’s all about. When Chucky didn’t respond, a Andy (Played by Gabriel Bateman) decided to go to bed. Long story short, Andy gave Chucky another chance and noticed that he was not your usual Buddi Doll. He noticed that the doll repeated his profanity and had an overall human like personality that quickly resulted in Andy’s attachment to Chucky. Later on he made friends with the neighbor kids and they even noticed that Chucky was not a normal robot and used him for a ray of wrong doings like thievery and pranks. However, the middle schoolers did not know that every wrong doing was strengthening Chucky’s thirst for something much more then just pranking humans.

The Possession Has Begun

Andy’s and Chucky’s bond was so strong that Chucky was becoming exceedingly jealous with anyone who came across Andy in a negative or even a positive way that Chucky would attempt to kill them. Andy’s mother’s boyfriend was later killed by Chucky and left Andy a surprise of the abusive boyfriends head on his dresser. Leaving Andy mortified and knew that he had to end Chucky but needed some help.

Not The End

After the neighbor kids and Andy knocked out Chucky and ripped out his hard drive, the kids were positive that that was the end of Chucky. After tossing his body down the trash shoot, the creep downstairs found him and brought him back to life. Leaving Andy again,for a fight of his life and saving the ones he love from Chucky’s little hands.

Thoughts and Theories

The company Kaslan would be like our Apple company and products today. Kaslan allowed any technology to be controlled through a cloud drive which allowed anyone who had the app was able to control their Televisions, radios, and even the Buddi Doll. Well that store that the mother returned Chucky, was full of Kaslan products for Chucky to utilize.Well, at the very end of the film it showed a Buddi doll in a package with red eyes, which makes me think that the doll they shot down wasn’t Chucky. Which in this case, there will probably be another Chucky movie in the future. In conclusion I loved the plot of the movie, I wished their was more violence like any other Chucky movie, but was very satisfied with the film.

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