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Murder Mystery: Is Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s New Flick On Netflix Worth Your Time?

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Well, I am quite loyal when it comes to binge watching series or movies on Netflix. So, of course, I couldn’t stay behind when I saw that my favorite lady’s movie was trending on the app. To be honest, I am not really an Adam Sandler fan, however, I surely am a huge one of Jennifer. So, irrespective of what my gut feeling told me, I still sat down and finished their newly released ‘Murder Mystery’ on Netflix in two sittings. Yes, that’s right!

I started with the movie on a weekend night but closed it within 10 minutes because it seemed lifeless and unintriguing. However, I gathered my wits again so that I could help my fellow binge watchers make a well informed decision. Do not waste your 1 hour 37 minutes on this movie!

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a scene in murder mystery

Featuring a pretty predictable plot, dull acting, and bad dialogue delivery, this movie is nothing but a random flop flick. The first 30 to 40 minutes of the movie are extremely slow or they come across as so, whereas just like the number of deaths, everything else seems sped up during the last 1 hour. I still cannot fathom if it was really a mystery or a satire at murder mysteries. Be what it may, there was one scene that really caught my eye, and that was Jennifer Aniston driving and speeding a red hot Ferrari. Besides that, nothing else! The couple goes on a boring namesake honeymoon trip and ends up getting entangled amongst a murder mystery as suspects.

Well, I won’t really reveal the plot here because watching it or not is ultimately your decision to make. But I’d still say, I’m surprised that 30m viewers on Netflix have ticked this movie off their bucket list for absolutely nothing in return. No entertainment and no enlightenment!

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