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Taylor Swift Speaks Out In Her New Song ‘You Need To Calm Down’

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Taylor Has A Message

Her new song ‘You Need To Calm Down,’ directed by Drew Kirsch and herself was not just any other break up song she’s created. Instead this song has a message that is a hot topic amongst social media and politics today.

So What’s The Message?

Swift’s music videos have always been known for their colorful and widely dramatic aesthetics. However the setting for her latest video takes place in a trailer park that was split with a LGBT friendly side and a anti-same sex marriage group on the other side. Swift sings “But you would rather be in the dark ages, jus’ makin’ that sign must’ve taken all night.” This verse spoke to me louder because she is basically saying the protesters who are against same sex marriage are uneducated. As well as, stating the fact that it must have taken all night to create a simple sign.

The Protesting Hillbillies

Also Pointed out in the video, the people that were against the LGBT community all had the same look and personality as most of the actors and actresses wore cowboy hats and flannel shirts and had poor and homely looking dispositions. Their side of the trailer park was also run down and outdated. This makes me me wonder if this song was not only targeting just any anti-LGBT protesters, because of their similar appearances.

Celebrity Supporters

As the video proceeds on you’ll see many LGBT icons including Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul, Ryan Reynolds and many other featured celebrities. Even towards the end of the video it shows Katy Perry dressed as a hamburger and Taylor Swift dressed as french fries hugging each other symbolizing the mending of their friendship.

Want to Help?

Taylor Swift has also provided a link for anyone who wants to participate and sign the petition to support and pass the Equality Act at change.org.

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Speaks Out In Her New Song ‘You Need To Calm Down’

  1. We love Taylor Swift so much. She’s always been the most inspiring and gentle person and it’s so happy to see that she’s taking a step to raise awareness and use her humongous platform to bring a positive change in the outlook of people towards the LGBTQ community. Totally love this article.

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