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‘Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives’ Review

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Adam Who?

If you haven’t watched the show, Workaholics on Comedy Central, or the movie, Pitch Perfect, then you may have no idea who Adam Devine is. And no, he is not that guy from Maroon 5. Devine is a comedic actor who landed his first solo stand-up gig on Netflix, which premiered on June 18th. During his act, he lets you know a lot about himself, including that he’s 35 years old, in a four year relationship, and was a bit of a nerd growing up.

Ok, But Is He Funny?

I am going to be brutally honest. For the first 20 minutes of Devine’s 58 minute act, I was bored and hadn’t laughed once. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe it was his material. Adam makes a lot of body jerking movements over and over again, and jokes about the awkward sexual feelings a young boy has while growing up. Not until he begins sharing the funny moments in his own life with his bigoted father, does he grab my attention. For the next 38 minutes, he is fairly entertaining, even though he has a habit of saying, “stupid” after multiple jokes. Maybe he is telling himself something.

Was It Worth The Hour?

In my humble opinion, no, it was not worth the hour to watch Adam Devine’s stand-up act on Netflix. All I could think about was a young, clean-cut Jack Black trying to make it big with jokes that missed the mark. For this reason, he over compensated with jerking movements, cuss words, and an abundance of energy. I suppose if you are already an Adam Devine fan, then you will enjoy this show. For those such as myself, I say Adam is clearly not “divine” when it comes to stand-up comedy.

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