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Netflix’s New Game Show -‘Awake: The Million Dollar Game’

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I’ll Sleep When I’m Rich!

The premise behind Netflix’s new game show, Awake: The Million Dollar Game, which premiered on June 14th, is for seven contestants to compete to win one million dollars, after being sleep deprived for 24 hours. It will have you feeling sorry for the contestants, and possibly even screaming at the television screen because of the choices being made. If anything, watching this show will bring emotions out of you. They could either be good or bad depending on your opinion regarding watching other people suffer.

They Have To Do What?

In each episode, there are multiple challenges to go through before a contestant has a chance to win one million dollars. The first challenge has all seven contestants counting coins for 24 hours straight, with no sleep, hence the title, Awake: The Million Dollar Game. This is all prerecorded of course. After we watch snippets of their experiences, we see the contestants on stage with the host, to face the first eliminations.

Each player was to remember how much money they counted, and reveal their estimate. Whoever counted the least, and whoever had the most inaccurate guess are both eliminated. Now we are left with five standing on the stage, besides the host. More challenges follow, with the worst performing contestant being eliminated, but there is a catch. After each round, a buyout is offered for one player to take if they believe they performed the worst. These buyouts range from $2,500 to $7,500. If they do not take the buyout and lose, then the go home with nothing. Finally, there are only two people left standing on the stage.

The challenge that narrows the field down to one, requires one contestant to have been more accurate in the guess on the amount of money they had counted. The winner moves on while the loser goes home with nothing, unless they take the next buyout which is worth $10,000. Keep in mind, anyone can take a buyout, so the one who actually finished the worst may not be the one taking the buyout. The final contestant has two more challenges to conquer if they choose to. First, they can either risk all of the money they counted, and win the total change counted by all of the contestants, or keep what they counted and go home. This is usually deciding between around $30,000 compared to over $100,000. To win, their guess of what they counted must be within $500 of what they actually counted. The finale has the player risking all the money that every contestant counted for one million dollars. The catch? Their guess must be within $25 of the actual amount of what they counted. Either win a million dollars, or go home tired, and with nothing.

Left With Mixed Emotions

The concept behind Netflix’s new game show is original, but possibly dangerous. I have stayed awake for over 24 hours before, and can assure you, it’s not a good feeling. While watching the show I was concerned for the mental state of these contestants. Some contestants could have walked home with thousands of dollars, but risked it and lost. Now they have nothing to show for torturing their bodies for over 24 hours. At least one show had a contestant make it to the end, and lose over one hundred thousand dollars for a chance to win one million dollars. Just imagine letting over one hundred thousand dollars slip through your grasp. Now imagine your state of mind after doing this and not sleeping for over a day.

Awake: The Million Dollar Game brought out feelings of frustration and concern for me. If you enjoy seeing people suffer for money, then this is the show for you. Yet, if you don’t want to see people on the verge of a mental breakdown, then you may want to skip this game show.

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