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Is Netflix Bringing Back The Missing Charm Of Indian Cinema?

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With so many rom-coms and action-thrillers hitting the box office every week, there are surely plenty of options for movie lovers to pick from. However, it has become a popular opinion that Indian cinema is gradually selling more on the ‘masala factor’ than portraying what it did best in the olden days. Proof? Well, the back to back Bollywood flicks entering the 100 crore club irrespective of their gibberish storylines is enough to speak volumes about what’s happening wrong in the Indian Cinema. Be it the fans in India or overseas in countries like the USA and UK, nobody has been able to turn a blind eye to this fact completely.

Well thanks to Netflix for airing movies like Chopsticks, Rajma Chawal, Long Live Brij Mohan, and more, the real charm that true movie fanatics and critics saw missing, seems to be finally making a comeback. So, this means, all hope is not lost and some of us can start to rejoice.

Mithila and Abhay in chopsticks movie

Personally, I am loving the direction, storyline, and character portrayals in these movies. Irrespective of what the background of the story is, every character sketch comes through as bold and impactful. Nothing feels forced and the direction is flawless. Also, how they are trying to bring about the revolution in Indian cinema through a web medium, especially by giving opportunities to otherwise underrated actors like Abhay Deol in the industry is applause-worthy!

If these short movies are here to stay and Netflix is going to continue to bless us with more such epic works of art and production, we’re in for witnessing an absolute cinematic revolution.

What about you? Do you feel these short movies on Netflix are here to do some good? Have you seen any of these movies yet? Let us know what you think and feel in the comments below!

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