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Has Netflix’s Sex Education Arrived Too Late?

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There’s really no shame in accepting that there was a point of time when all of us were nearly illiterate or misinformed when it came to sex education. While most of us learnt about the taboo topic the hard way through adult films, some of us had experiential learning. Be what it may, a proper sex education environment had somewhat been missing.

The times have changed, there are tons of articles on sex education floating on the net, and the millenials seem to know pretty much all the A to Z of it much more than their parents. Now the question is, in an era like this, can the recently listed up British web series ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix really be a game changer?

Otis in cafeteria in sex education show

The show is about 14 to 16 years old students in school struggling with their love and sex lives with very little information on the latter. Amidst all the ruckus emerges Otis, one of the protagonists on the show who’s been brought up by his mom, a sex therapist by profession. With zilch amount of experience on his own, the little guy goes around educating his mates about sex like he’s some therapist with ages of experience.

While the show has its own high and low moments, there is not much to learn from the typical jokes and a predictable storyline. The first season was pretty much about all of this and the second season is officially on its way. But is it really needed? Personally, the first season pretty much closed on everything that we and the millenials know. So, what is that we need to look forward to now? However the show has been, I still wait for the next season to come so that I can find out.

What about you? Have you watched it yet? Do tell us in the comments below.

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