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Top 5 Shows on Netflix

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#5 – The Rain

A Danish post-apocalyptic series that is definitely one of the best of the genre. Season 2 was just released on May 17th. Definitely check this one out!

#4 – Mindhunter

Two FBI agents start talking with the most deranged criminals in order to get inside their heads in an effort to launch more effective serial killer profiling techniques. This crime drama will give you the creeps and wanting more.

#3 – Russian Doll

A Groundhog Day like show starring Natasha Lyonne that has some wild ups and downs and all-arounds in it’s eight episode first season.

#2 – Lucifer

The devil is back! Netflix picked up Lucifer after it’s season 3 finale on FOX. And we are oh so glad they did because season 4 was a hell of a time!

#1 – Stranger Things

Yes, I know Season 3 isn’t out yet, but we only have a few more short weeks until we can rejoin our favorite group of misfits in their EPIC supernatural adventures!

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