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Is “Dark Phoenix” Really That Bad?

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If you have read previous Dark Phoenix reviews, you may be considering to skip spending almost two hours of your life watching the movie. But wait! You may be pleasantly surprised, depending on what you are expecting. Hopefully, this review will help you make your final decision.

I’ll be honest-I was not expecting much from Dark Phoenix after watching its trailers. While sitting in the cinema, I realized that some significant characters were left out of the trailers. I concluded from the previews that Dark Phoenix would simply be about the X-Men vs Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). Yet, there was more to this story then I was led to believe.

The opening scene of the movie occurs in 1975 with a frightened, confused, and powerful child who accidentally kills one of her parents in a freak car accident. Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) takes her and raises Jean to be one of the X-Men. Fast forward to 1992, the X-Men are called upon to rescue a stranded space shuttle crew. During the rescue an interstellar force, thought to be a solar flare, is absorbed by Jean, which increases her powers astronomically. It should have killed her, but she survives, and this leads to her gaining “Dark Phoenix” as a nickname. Back on Earth she struggles with control over this new power. At times, it causes her to hurt, and even kill others. Soon after the incident in space, a group of aliens appear on Earth and are led by Vuk (Jessica Chastain). Their purpose is to use this force, which destroyed their own planet, to build a new home on Earth. As a consequence, the planet’s inhabitants would have to be destroyed. Soon, a struggle ensues between the aliens and the X-Men over Jean’s fate. In the end, Dark Phoenix makes an ultimate decision that changes the path of the X-Men forever.

With all of this being said, how you view Dark Phoenix will depend on what you are expecting to watch. There are a fair amount of action sequences, although they could have been better. The story line is quite basic and possibly not appropriate for an X-Men finale. Even so, Dark Phoenix is watchable with some agreeable moments. My conclusion is that compared to other superhero movies this summer, Dark Phoenix is one of the movies you may want to wait and rent on DVD.

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