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“I Am Mother” will have you scratching your head.

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Source: StudioCanal / Netflix

Netflix’s latest sci-fi thriller, “I Am Mother,” will have you glued to your screen due to the multiple plot twists that keep you asking, “Who do I believe?” Strong performances from Clara Rugaard (Daughter), Rose Byrne (Mother’s voice), and Hillary Swank (Stranger), creates a back and forth rollercoaster ride that leads to an unexpected climax.

Set in a futuristic facility which is surrounded by an Earth that has just experienced a world-wide human extinction event, the film begins with Mother initiating the repopulation program. The facility contains hundreds of thousands of human embryos in cryogenic stasis. Mother, as we learn, was programmed to begin repopulating the Earth after a human extinction event. She initiates the process with a female embryo, who she simply refers to as, “Daughter.”

Then, we observe the relationship between a new daughter and her mother emerge. At times, the relationship becomes tender such as when Daughter places stickers on Mother, and also when Mother plays a lullaby to comfort Daughter. As with any typical mother daughter relationship, things become a bit rocky as Daughter grows into a teenager and her curiosity takes over. Soon, an unexpected visitor adds to the tension.

As Mother is sleeping (recharging), the power goes out in the facility, and Daughter discovers a rat who has chewed through electrical wires. Soon after, an injured stranger appears at the door, who Daughter lets in even against Mother’s wishes. Now the stage is set for a struggle for Daughter’s trust between Mother and the new stranger.

Even with Daughter’s exceptional intelligence, which is on display throughout the movie, she struggles to decide who is being truthful. Yet, Daughter does choose sides near the latter half of the movie, which leads to an unexpected ending.

If you enjoy sci-fi movies that keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, than “I Am Mother” is a must watch. The final scene may have you asking yourself, “What just happened?”

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3 thoughts on ““I Am Mother” will have you scratching your head.

  1. I happen to have watched “I Am Mother” this past week and your review is spot on !

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